arduino-avr-xinputA fork of Dmadison's Xinput Arduino avr core with a package.json 24 months
ayu-vimA fork Ayu-Vim. A modern theme for modern VIMs 18 months
better-cgit-filtersImproved Cgit filters based on the ones from the offical repository 2 years
cgit-dockerA Cgit docker image 2 years
deezA sensible Deezer API client for Rust 15 months
feature_macrosRust library with utility macros for utilizing cargo features 17 months
gameA "game" written from scratch in Rust 6 hours
game-of-lifeA c++ Linux CLI implementation of John Conway's game of life 20 months
githermitA modern Git web interface 2 years
gymnasiearbeteMy "gymnasiearbete" 21 months
gyrogameA ball-in-a-maze game using a gamepad as gyro input 23 months
gyronardoGyroscope HID with the Arduino Leonardo 23 months
mazeratorA maze generator written in c++ 2 years
nvim-configMy Neovim configuration 7 weeks
opengl-refpagesRust API for the OpenGL reference page sources 10 months
opengl-registry-macrosRust macros utilizing the OpenGL API and Extension Registry 11 months
opengl-registry-rsRust API for the OpenGL API and Extension Registry 10 months
opengl-sysLow-level OpenGL bindings 3 months
ridiculeRust mocking library supporting non-static function generics 11 months
syretteThe convenient dependency injection framework for Rust 2 months
utility-macrosRust utility macros that should be in std but is not 16 months
vscode-server-fixA bash script that makes a Vscode server usable with Vscodium 2 years
xml-stinksPowerful & easy manual XML deserialization 10 months
yacppdicYet another C++ Dependency Injection Container 20 months